Coaching Systemic

Coaching Systemic

Systemic coaching focuses on process awareness, rather than content knowledge, accompanying executives, teams and organizations towards healthy growth by bringing clarity on the interfaces within the system. In this way leaders expand their vision and create the space for people to embrace new levels of complexity in order to reach desired and higher results.

One-on-one coaching

Even if you have people to manage or not, the first person you should manage best is yourself. The way you spend your time and your energy, the way you know to set healthy boundaries and communicate effectively has a significant impact in your results and in managing others.
Through one-on-one coaching sessions you can find new solutions to your issues and new ways to reach your ambitious results. The success of the coaching process is conditioned by the work done between sessions, so be prepared to embark on a journey of self-discovery followed closely by specific actions.

Team coaching

Winning teams in all sorts of fields have a coach and so it is in business. Indeed, when teams develop to become winners, they act strategically, keeping an eye on the system interactions beyond the business content. In this way, they also gain collateral benefits like increased results-oriented collaboration, better process of collective decision making and follow-up, more effective team meetings, better information flow, and much more respectfully challenging relationships.
The coach is responsible of that eye.